Donna Lanclos


I am an anthropologist about everything I do. I simply can't help it. When you hear me talk about things, you'll know what I mean.

This isn't an apology so much as a warning.

I work in an academic library, my job is to investigate and think about the nature of academic work: of students, of faculty, and of anyone else who consumes, produces, and thinks about a wide range of information.

I have cats in my home, but had them long before I started working in a library. I swear.

I attended THATCampSE in March 2012, and THATCamp Piedmont later that same year..

I am an expat Cajun who grew up for the most part on USAF Bases in the American West. I've lived nearly 2 1/2 collective years in Ireland. Therefore I love food, drink, travel, and meeting people, not necessarily in that order.

I do blog for work (less frequently than I probably should), and use Twitter to engage with Anthropology, DH, and Information Science collaborators and colleagues, I am a member of the Visitors and Residents research project, partnering with scholars from Oxford U. and OCLC.

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