Nerd Camp–Yay!!

I’m very much looking forward to THATCamp PMT this Saturday. I’m particularly enthused to hear what other folks are doing with social media, especially how they’re measuring success with social media integration.

I use a class blogs, we integrate some social media, and also use a lot of other current  blogs (i09, Jezebel, The Atlantic, NRO, various tumblrs, etc), as well as Skype interviews. This Fall, I’m ramping up my digital work by scheduling Twitterviews, moving 80% of student response to a blog in order to generate class discussion, and encouraging students to dissolve the separation remaining in their minds between “fun” stuff like Instagram, Pinterest, FB, Mashable, and Twitter and their “serious” work in class and school.

For my “Hip Hop, Gender, and Sexuality” class this fall, all students will have to have a SoundCloud and Spotify account, we’ll probably also develop a class hashtag for Twitter, and I’d like out blog to be robust (critical and creative responses, pics or vid of all art work go on it). I’m keen to have an archive for all the cool work that happens inside and outside of class. We’re also going to use Tahir Hemphill’s amazing The Hip-Hop Word Archive (I’m going to start contributing to the archive’s word count this summer).






I know very little about things like text and data mining and would like to gain some skills in that area.

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