An english professor, a programmer, a mathematician, and an anthropologist walk into a bar…

Groups often define their members (and their opposite Others) with jokes and joking. Jokes (speaking as a folklorist here) can be serious stuff, can lead to real discussions about life, work, the universe, and everything. Is DH a mature enough field to have jokes about its identity? What would those jokes reveal? Could we come up with jokes? Could we tell jokes? Could we have our very own THATCamp standup? What would happen?

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About donnalanclos

I am an anthropologist about everything I do. I simply can't help it. When you hear me talk about things, you'll know what I mean. This isn't an apology so much as a warning. I work in an academic library, my job is to investigate and think about the nature of academic work: of students, of faculty, and of anyone else who consumes, produces, and thinks about a wide range of information. I have cats in my home, but had them long before I started working in a library. I swear. I attended THATCampSE in March 2012, and THATCamp Piedmont later that same year.. I am an expat Cajun who grew up for the most part on USAF Bases in the American West. I've lived nearly 2 1/2 collective years in Ireland. Therefore I love food, drink, travel, and meeting people, not necessarily in that order. I do blog for work (less frequently than I probably should), and use Twitter to engage with Anthropology, DH, and Information Science collaborators and colleagues, I am a member of the Visitors and Residents research project, partnering with scholars from Oxford U. and OCLC.

2 Responses to An english professor, a programmer, a mathematician, and an anthropologist walk into a bar…

  1. Dawn Schmitz says:

    Knock Knock!
    Who’s there??
    I don’t know — I’d have to record me saying it in Broadcast Wave format, apply voice-to-text, encode it in TEI, build a search interface, and/or make a word cloud to find out!

  2. Donna Lanclos says:

    An excellent start, Dawn. And here I was expecting lists of links and FB/Twitter memes.

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